I grew up in Denmark with a deep passion and love for animals, communicating with them from a very early age. It started with training birds, cats, Mongolian mice, rabbits, a wild ram, ponies and finally at the age of 12,  I convinced my mother to give me the dog I had always wanted. Due to the size of our apartment, I wasn’t allowed the big German Shepherd I had wished for (he came later) but a cute tiny little Papillon called Maxim.

I threw myself into training Maxim with great vigour and before long we were winning big competitions, with him becoming the top obedience Papillon at the time. Despite our success, it was more the daily relationship with my best friend that amazed me and kept me striving for more. I discovered the importance of being a good leader with clear boundaries and how this creates a happy and obedient dog.

I found I had a natural talent for showing dogs but more so in solving serious dog problems. I was often asked to come and deal with the problem dog in group lessons in the 'Papillon and the Poodle Club' (there were many breeds training here). I had some of the most talented Danish instructors to support me,  but in reality it was the dogs that taught me the most.  

In 1987, a trip to Australia resulted in me marrying and having 4 children. The very first thing I bought for my new home was a wonderful German Shepherd who still to this day was the most amazing animal I have ever had. He taught me to speak ‘dog’ like no one else. 

I found that the word spread rapidly through the North Shore area and before I knew it I was teaching people to speak 'dog’ as well.  My client base grew from strength to strength.  Despite running another business for years to make ends meet, through recommendations from happy dog customers, vets and local counciIs, I am at a stage now where my passion has turned into a full-time business.