So why hire me?  This is what my clients are saying...

One on one dog training gives you excellent results in no time at all. Rie was highly recommended to me and I have no hesitation in highly recommending her too. She really is a dog whisperer. You will gain so much knowledge, and even more importantly, your dog will absolutely love it. – Rosemary O’Farrell


By the time I met Rie, I had given up, feeling hopeless and full of despair and wondering what to do next. We had been through 4 trainers and nothing had changed.  Ami, our 2 year old Border Collie, was aggressive and totally out of control, lunging at cars, dogs and anything that moved.

Working with Rie has changed mine and Ami's life..... We now have one!!  Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for Rie's support and patience, let alone her decades of experience and amazing skills as an animal behaviorist, she has never given up on me or Ami. Thank you Rie! - Glenda and Ami Patterson

Rie Wileman is a "Dog Whisperer" in the true sense of the term.  She has trained my dog, a black Labrador, since she was 12 weeks old, (she is now 27 mths old), and the results are amazing.  When we meet up with Rie for a Training Session, I may as well not dog only has eyes and ears for Rie. 

Rie has been around dogs all her life, all shapes, and sizes, she knows them, thinks like them, anticipates their thoughts and actions, it is fascinating to watch her training sessions; the subtleness of her training a dog,  is that she is also training the dog owner!

She is firm, yet very loving, the dogs adore her, and she gets so much more out of a dog than we owners can achieve.  She has an extraordinary gift.  Rie is much respected and admired by humans, adored by her four-legged 'charges'.    It is a privilege knowing Rie Wileman, Dog Whisperer Extraordinaire. - Pamela Melocco

Jarrah is special.  She is a rescue from the Northern Territory and her hunting instincts are hard wired into her DNA.  She is loving, good with people and children and totally dog friendly.  So, what’s her problem?

She chases cars, people and most things that move.  Her excitement level goes from laid-back to extremely high within seconds.  Once her excitement level is high she becomes oblivious to any and all commands.  In her highest state of excitement she started to jump up on people and nip at them.

We took her to numerous trainers, from puppy training to two of the most highly credentialed trainers in New South Wales.  Some grateful progress was made along the way, but we were eventually told that she is a “Special Needs” dog, and can never be taken off the lead in a public place.  That meant she could never run free in a leash free park, and although we were very disappointed, we accepted the decision.

After about 18 months, two friends who knew we longed to allow her to run free, were very impressed with a trainer they watched, achieving amazing, and fast results with a dog they knew to be extremely difficult.   While we wanted to give Jarrah every opportunity, we were understandably a little sceptical.  We met Rie for our first session, and within minutes she had Jarrah off the lead, and achieving total recall!

Small distances at first, and a lot of human training, which has turned out to be invaluable – In fact, essential for Jarrah’s progress. Jarrah is still a work-in-progress, but we have come so far, and are continuing to move forward – and it all would have been impossible without Rie.

It is truly a beautiful sight to be able to watch the sheer joy and fun Jarrah can now experience by being able to run free, whilst having the growing confidence of being able to bring her back to us. 

We highly recommend Rie for dog training - especially for difficult and/or challenging dogs.

 - Cheryl Forrest-Smith and Janine Burdeu

Rie is an intuitive teacher who assists all levels of riders to increase their competency and communication. If you desire a more willing equine partner with improve Biomechanics or more harmonious relationship with your horse Train with the Dane!  - Di Geraghty


I took my cheeky West Highland x to see Rie. After only a few sessions my dog had learned Danish and I had learned more about myself. Rie is very intuitive with both dogs and humans and quickly gets to the heart of the problem. I would highly recommend training with the Dane. - Libby Killian

Rie Wileman is a sincere and sympathetic woman, who speaks a language that all of us should learn. In the short time Rie has worked with myself and my puppy, Chanel (now 15 months old), she has consistently applied love and nurturing into the training of our charismatic and affectionate dog. To this end, the result is a happy, respectful dog and a fierce bond between her and myself. In addition, Rie has been a positive influence on my two young children, on their equestrian sports, teaching patience, sympathy and ‘feel’. Rie has a way with animals that transcends description and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve a sacred harmony with the animals in their lives.  - Linda de Mestre

Earlier this year I retired my 24 year old thoroughbred from his dressage career. As a horse with an active mind, he needed something to keep him occupied. Rie has introduced Aladdin and I to clicker training and we are having a great time working with her. It’s been wonderful to see him embrace the training and work hard to find what we wanted. You truly can teach a senior gentleman horse new tricks!  - Catherine Dawson

I rescued a very cute unruly 12 month old male Golden Retriever who had been too much for his previous owners. I did a lot of research into how to educate this young boy and because of his wonderful nature we progressed very well. Unfortunately due to knowing his back ground and ‘loving him too much’ I had started to overlook some of his behaviour. Jumping up onto patio doors and scratching them became the norm as did rushing past me to be let into the house when I returned from work. After 45 minutes with the Dane, Rie not only helped Max stay until asked into the house but most importantly she helped me to understand him.  Rie showed me the consistent way of showing Max what was required of him. I was extremely impressed how Max looked at Rie and how he received constant positive re-enforcement when he did what he was asked. As Max had been badly treated in the past and hit by humans and had always tried to push boundaries I loved how Rie continuously watched his body language and reaffirmed what was required of him in a positive way. I thought Rie would have to be quite firm with him but she didn’t have to be, Rie gave him clear and concise instructions which he understood and then she gave him lots of happy positive praise when he quickly learnt what was required.

The best thing about training with the Dane is how I, as an owner, felt after the training. I felt that I had been trained! And most of all the training we received has stayed with us, not because I have had to remember what we did but because it instantly became part of our everyday life.

From just one session with Rie, the relationship between Max and I improved. In his past he was left tied up for long periods of time and suffers anxiety (barking) when I need to tie him up momentarily outside of shops. I am so excited and can’t wait to have our next training session as I love how Max instantly responded to Rie and once he can wait patiently for me when shopping I will be able to take him everywhere with me.  - Ellie Bishop

I have been having lessons with Rie for about two years now and have loved every minute of it. One of Rie’s great talents is being sensitive and developing a bond both with the horse and the rider. On top of this Rie has a deep knowledge and understanding of true dressage riding. With these qualities combined I have gained knowledge across so many areas including natural horsemanship; communication with the horse as well as improving my technical riding skills. Rie is not limited to teaching within one field as she has so many strengths. I would strongly recommend Rie as a teacher. She has not only taught me endless amounts and improved my riding but she has become a true friend.  - Ally Killian


My 11 year old TB gelding, Ziggy, has been a challenge for Rie, simply as he’s been in rehabilitation most of the time she’s known him!  Most instructors would simply have left us to it but Rie’s attitude is that “it’s so much more than just riding your horse”. I initially handed over my boy to her for 10 days to train him and thank God I did, as thanks to her sensitivity to horse’s feedback we discovered he had hind leg problems, previously undiagnosed. She was there through that terrible period with me, from x-rays, through double keyhole surgery and 6 months of rehabilitation, with tips and hints ongoing about ways to work with him when he couldn’t be ridden. Once back in work, she adjusted her lessons to work with his needs whilst starting to lay the foundations for a more flexible, forward going horse. Her ability to teach him when she’s in the saddle but also teach me when I ride him has allowed us to wipe out some of his uneducated habits and start building a solid platform from which to develop his skills. 9 months on, again Rie spotted a new problem when riding him one day due to “Ziggy trying to tell me something’s not right” – a front suspensory ligament issue.  Earlier diagnosis and vet referral has meant we’ve got the problem early hence we’re only working with a sprain not a rip or tear. As we work through this, Rie been instrumental in developing riding plans to allow us to rehabilitate Ziggy whilst containing his basic training.  In a nutshell, I owe my horses health in no small way to Rie and her ability to listen to horses and understand their feedback.  Many trainers would have simply labelled my horse “lazy”, instead she recognised the resistance was not his nature and worked hard to isolate the problem in order to let the vets do their job.

Rie has also been there for us from start to finish on our journey to find and own the right pooch. Knowing Rie through her horse work, it was her knowledge and approach that meant we pulled her in right from the start to help us find & train the right dog. We did our own research about the type of dog we wanted but it was Rie who added dimension to this so we were focused about what dog type/breed etc met our needs. When we thought we’d found the right one, Rie was available to go and “vet” the dog, checking it has all the right characteristics to be the right dog for us. Since we’ve owned Badger, a border collie/German short haired pointer cross, Rie’s done 3 or 4 training sessions one-on-one with us and it’s made all the difference to developing a happy , well trained dog – and owners. Her ability to motivate a dog, make it want to learn and be obedient makes the training fun and inspiring. We got Badger as a rescue dog at 4 months and he’s now 12 months and a great, well-adjusted dog who loves life and is great around cats and horses. Friends constantly comment on what a great dog he is, how well-trained and well adjusted for such a young dog – and we know we simply wouldn’t have got there without “the Dane”! - Linda McGregor