Agility is a way to use jumps, hoops, tunnels and different equipment to further the dogs training, stimulate its intelligence and entertaining them to the fullest. Dogs love to feel smart and to learn new challenges. I only allow dogs that have already got a certain level of obedience into our agility classes. Our agility is building dogs confidence and expanding on its already good obedience.


I find that all our dogs get to love the training and the challenges. It’s a mixture of obstacles such as jumping over jumps, running through tunnels, through plastic challenges, forward and around certain things, weaving with poles, touching specific objects, staying and waiting for further commands, fetch certain things, jumping through hoops and going backwards if asked. It’s about new challenges and it’s a lot of fun.

I have met some of the most amazing people and their dogs here and its one of my favorite lessons of the week. Please contact me if you are interested in these classes (held in Ingleside).