General Obedience Dog Training

There is a minimum level of obedience I believe every dog should have. That is to come every time you call it (at home or anywhere out), walking on a loose lead, sitting, lying down, staying and not to jump up on people, lying on his/her bed when its owners eat, travelling calmly in a car and waiting patiently outside a shop or bank when needed and of cause being properly toilet trained. Then there is “healing at foot” with no lead, greeting people politely (sitting quietly yet attentive when people are greeting the dog), running next to a bike safely (if you have a work dog in the city and it needs exercise), sitting or lying down next to you if you are taking the dog to a café etc, knowing how to greet and play with other dogs, not humping or over-powering other dogs (or people/kids), agility tricks, leaving food, toys or balls when asked, “dancing-dogs” and training dogs for service work (such as hospitals and nursing homes).

I believe the general obedience is all about setting yourself up for a wonderful, loving and respectful life together. Its my job to make sure you and your dog will find a way to have the most amazing relationship. You have a dog for many years and find that the earlier you start the smarter and more wonderful the dog will become. Dogs don’t do anything unless its good for him/her. So we need to make sure we find a way to make your dog want to be obedient each and every time.